MineMarket – Mining Supply Chain Management

MineMarket Datamine Solution

From mining to product sales, MineMarket integrates disparate data sources spanning variable time periods into a consolidated application for enterprise access and visibility of the following processes, which are described in more detail in subsequent sections. At its core, MineMarket is a material tracking system combined with logistics management and specialized sales and marketing management to ensure a consistent means of managing the various stages of the material, be it for bulk materials, semi-refined products, or refined products in discrete units. MineMarket enables individual segments of an operation, as well as the entire organisation, to drive consistency in process and information management. In order to achieve this, MineMarket uses the following concepts throughout the application:
• Material management and tracking
• Logistics planning and dispatch
• Production and demand planning
• Sales and marketing
• Reporting
• MineMarket system architecture

MineMarket from mine to market

MineMarket provides the broadest coverage for managing the mining value chain by combining comprehensive material tracking, logistics management, and complex sales and marketing capability into a single solution.
Through connecting operational data and its relationships from mine to customer, MineMarket maximises commercial outcomes by optimising
logistics, charting the impact of sales, and tracking and identifying operational bottlenecks.
MineMarket minimises delays in data collection, ensuring the same data is visible across the organisation, which facilitates analysis, adjustment and reconciliation.

MineMarket Material Management & Tracking

MineMarket’s supply chain model enables users to track quality, quantity, and contributors from ‘in situ’ to shipment and beyond for both bulk and
discrete units. MineMarket provides detailed 3D stockpile modelling and blend optimisation to support stockyard management and the production and demand planning capability links it all together.

MineMarket Transportation & Logistics

MineMarket’s logistics capabilities include the modelling and scheduling of trucks, ships, trains, and barges, including a range of detailed features
such as complex traffic handling, equipment and transport delay management, and ship line-up. MineMarket also enables the automatic recording of user-defined incidents to identify bottlenecks
in production.

MineMarket Sales & Marketing Desk

MineMarket connects the mine to the customer through comprehensive management of complex contracts, including freight and service contracts.
MineMarket’s robust sales and marketing capability also enables credit management, hedging, contract linking, settlement, tolling and invoicing, all in one platform.

MineMarket Reporting for Management 

MineMarket provides a range of reporting including standard KPI reports, audit reporting and configurable dashboards.



We have implemented MineMarket in many companies in both local and overseas, and a government institution:
  1. PT. Bukit Asam
  2. Kaltim Prima Coal
  3. Sakari Resources
  4. Banpu
  5. Indo Tambangraya Megah
  6. Indominco Mandiri
  7. Kementrian ESDM
  8. Asmin Bara Bronang
  9. Bara Alam Utama

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