Application Development

Application Development (Desktop/Web/Mobile)

Nowadays with the pace of technology advancement as well as its impact to business, we are facing a lot of information technology concept that has been formulated to help business people managing their business. IT concepts such as ERP, HRIS, CRM, EIS, and so on have been shaping the industry world and continuosly evolved with most updated technology. The most well-known concept or solution is probably ERP. And if we are to look at the history of ERP, back then it was known as MRP (Material Requirements Planning). MRP was initially built for planning and scheduling materials for complex manufactured products, which then gradually refined to a much more complete solution to company for managing their inventory, cash, people, and resources, that is ERP.

According to many researchs in business industry, most of the companies especially fortune 500 companies use ERP as their system. They realize the critical part of technology’s role in handling complex business, growing organization, and business expansion in the long-run. By implementing the system, the value creation in the operational level, streamlined process, efficiency in data mining/reporting, and lots of other benefits should leverage company’s overall performance.


Software development must often be viewed from it’s scope and main objective where people can realize the benefit that truly reflects the system owner’s need or goal. In the following example, we will have more understanding between having an ERP system and a tailor-made custom software development. In ERP, we can expect to see the ‘high-level base module’ with best practice functionalities that can accommodate business proces across linked departments – The process of ordering goods through ‘purchase order request’ will go through certain workflow of review and approval. Which at the end of it, vendor will deliver goods to be stored into company’s warehouse/inventory. Simultaneously, financial implication will occur behind the process and form the accounting ledger. With the given example, industry can acknowledge the need of best practice for procurement business process.

Now, in technical operation area, we may find various situations to be improved that often times becoming vital and relevant directly to company’s bottom line. We can easily find that in retail business there is a strong fashion to have customer relationship program. In many forms, the most often case we see is customer loyalty card where retail companies are racing in offering various benefits to customers with more money spent buying goods. Of course, this kind of innovation is part of strategic movement that has to do with operation busines proces enhancement. Going onward, more programs are required for boosting company’s profit with more efficient proces, technology breakthrough and soonn, which will always be dispensable given the competitive race in business industry.

Finally, with the combination of knowing the best prathece and experience to provide solution through specific custom software development, we are committed to provide a reliable and robust software development in supporting valuable company’s program in the long run.