Payroll Outsource

Nowadays, companies in their future endeavor will constantly face challenges that keep appear in managing their business growth. The demand has always been to minimize operating cost in the most efficient way.

One of the strategic programs that can be done is on the area of regular process administration by deciding to outsource the specific business process such as payroll, tax report, etc, so that company can focus on their own core business. Payroll outsource helps to reduce significantly the burden of managing administration that will streamline the end to end process and boost production.

We (Adiraja Integrasi) as an experienced enterprise system implementer, is also expert on providing payroll outsource service in Indonesia that can help your business running effectively. From end to end starting with data collection to handling the technical process of payroll that deals with employee status, leave, attendance, and all the elements needed, we ensure that the result complies with the up-to-date regulation.